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  • <font color='#333333'>Electric Bolt Lock EDL-100</font>
    Electric Bolt Lock EDL-100
    The door control system is designed for office building, office, Intelligent Building, residential, factories, buildings and other public channel entrance control independent access control system introduced, support induction card to open the door, o
  • <font color='#333333'>Electric Strike Door Lock EDL-133</font>
    Electric Strike Door Lock EDL-133
    Cathode lock can lock or unlock electricity power. The panel consists of stainless steel and plastic. This product is a buried installation, the volume is small, the installation does not affect the cube appearance, can be used with any positive locki
  • <font color='#333333'>Electric Magnetic Door Lock EDL-180</font>
    Electric Magnetic Door Lock EDL-180
    When the current through the silicon steel sheet, the electromagnetic lock will produce absorb adsorption iron strong suction to achieve the effect of tightly lock the door. As long as the current of the electromagnetic little lock will produce great
  • <font color='#333333'>Electric Door Lock EDL-200</font>
    Electric Door Lock EDL-200
    To realize the unlocking time delay with stable and reliable mechanical door lock the door, more convenient, more timely, more simple wiring. The unique structure of the lock unlocking is realized without deformation and rebound caused by unlocking th
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