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Project Management
ACT project managers are security industry veterans with an average of ten (10) years experience installing integrated systems. They take a hands on approach to their job with the important aspect of customer communication and a keen eye on attention to detail. Project schedules are developed and on-site review and evaluation of the installation in undertaken on a consistent basis to insure the integrity of the installation and to allow reaction to on-site modifications in a timely and consistent manner. Progress updates are provided to insure that time schedules are met leading to a smooth transition. ACT Project Managers are factory certified in the products they install to insure for a properly functioning installed system.

System Engineers
ACT system engineers are college educated personnel with degrees in computer science. They are proficient in operating systems, databases and network protocols. They write interfaces and scripts for integration between diverse systems as well as monitoring the operation and log files of the head end systems for optimum performance.

Engineering Documents
ACT project managers and CAD operators will develop CAD drawings consisting of point-to-point drawings, riser drawings, and typical wiring diagrams for all equipment to be provided. This insures consistency and maintains the quality of the installation. Suitable drawings also provide a permanent record of what was done allowing for follow-up system analysis and maintenance.

Customer Analysis
ACT offers no-cost or obligation services directed toward the identification of customer needs and requirements in an effort to develop specific product applications that provide meaningful and cost-effective solutions for the present, as well as provision for future growth and expansion. On-site meetings of all applicable personnel provide for an interactive exchange of thoughts, ideas, and solutions before proposal development takes place.

Site Survey Analyses
A complete review of the actual site location comprising appropriate ACT system design engineering personnel is available to insure that the system analysis is both thorough and complete. By interacting with the client on site, a better understanding of the scope of the project is developed to assure that the proposed system application is suitable for present and future requirements.

Proposal Presentation
Security-system products and services are presented and reviewed in an effort to establish an understanding of the scope of work as well as the cost feasibility. Here, a thorough review of the system application and implementation responsibilities is reviewed to establish the basis for project implementation.

Pro-Active System Management
In today’s ever changing high technology world it is more important than ever to be vigilant to the life cycle of your security equipment and software. ACT believes that working with our customers to plan ahead to assure that each system receives an annual review of its age, functionality and performance is the prudent thing to do in the world we live in today. ACT’s team of system engineers and service technicians are trained to evaluate your systems performance levels and report their findings for your evaluation.